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Getauschte Heimat

Ein Jahr zwischen Berlin und Tel Aviv

When Anja Reich leaves Berlin to go to Tel Aviv for two years, she also leaves behind her neighbor Yael Nachshon Levin. Yael has moved to Berlin only recently, and Tel Aviv is her home. The two decide to write letters to each other: about their experiences with the exchanged homeland, about the foreign and the familiar, about Israel and Germany. That also means: about terror and anti-Semitism, about the question of security for the family and about what home means today. An impressive conversation in letters about two countries, which connects much and for which the dialogue is important.


Berliner Zeitung's weekly column -
Berlin-Tel Aviv

Anja Reich and Yael Have been exchanging their letters since March 2018 on the weekly column 'Berlin-Tel Aviv'.

The letters are a very personal and open dialog between two women from two different cultures and homelands with all the complications involved. A beautiful friendship keeps on evolving every Saturday on the Berliner Zeitung. 

Photo by Jonas Opperskalski

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